Death And Dying

Photo taken by Tomas Castelazo and distributed under CC-BY-SA 3.0

Accepting death is one of the strangest things you can do.

You will come to a point where you will question mortality. Oddly, it seems as if most people accept death right before it happens. Seconds, minutes, or even hours before it happens, that’s when most people accept death. At this point, you are forced into accepting it.

Is that the best way to do it, since it’s what many seem to do? Life and death don’t have concrete answers. Maybe for some, thinking about death seems like a waste of time. Others have said that when you think about death, or at least accept that time is short and that you will die eventually, that’s when you truly start living.

Life, at that moment, becomes a pursuit. You pursue love, activities you love, and skills you love. Alternatively, if you don’t get a chance to pursue love, what on earth are you supposed to do?

Herein lies the conflict.

Life just gets in the way sometimes. You can try as hard as you like, but some people end up becoming Steve Wiebe-esque, or a perpetual bridesmaid. Obscure reference aside, that’s a strange thing to reconcile. When the things you love end up becoming mere indulgences, life crawls.

You could end up getting somewhere you never intended. Hell, that happens to most people. Chris Rock has a great bit about never having enough time in the day when you have a career, but when you have a job you have too much time. Accepting that you aren’t invincible creates a similar feeling to what Chris Rock communicates.

Depending on whether love is in your life or not, accepting death alters life’s speed. With the absence of love, life becomes a slow blimp. Love, remarkably, makes life move like a jet plane. Hopefully, you are in whichever vehicle you enjoy more.


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