Empathy Above All

Photo credit: EKG Technician Salary


Empathy solves every problem.

Unfortunately, empathy is a slow moving force. Empathy also requires a great deal of bravery. As time moves faster, and all of our demands are met more quickly, slow movement becomes more difficult to rationalize. Bravery, in comparison, is complex.

What counts as bravery? Is it brave to speak one’s mind without any regard to the consequences? No, not entirely. Serving your country’s military is brave, but some people undoubtedly serve for cowardly reasons or misplaced motivations. Hell, some people are capable of bravery in everything they do, but incapable of being brave when it comes to love.

When you see everyone becoming armchair politicians after every terrible shooting, it makes you wonder. This post isn’t about politics; you know what everyone is saying and you know the arguments. You know, more importantly, that the most vocal believers hate listening.

Yeah, these circumstances surrounding choice don’t sound so wonderful. Arguments from the left, versus arguments from the right. But, as Daryl Davis proves, maybe we don’t always have to argue.

Daryl Davis, who is well known for being a musician, is also noteworthy for being a man who has gotten multiple Klu Klux Klan members to renounce their beliefs. What makes the feat more impressive is that Daryl Davis is a black man. Though these men are directly opposed to Daryl Davis simply because of his skin color, it never stopped his curiosity, or his ability to empathize.

Empathy, in his case, took men with extreme ideologies and turned many of them into friends. Sounds like a wonderful world to live in. Admittedly, it’s not a quick process for him, and it doesn’t necessarily convert everyone. Conversely, it is more effective than what everyone else is doing.

Vanity is to point at one another thinking we have a better answer than the person we are pointing at. All vanity does is create arguments, and fan the flame of discontent. With empathy, we gain so much more in the long term, for just a simple sacrifice.

So do you choose to sacrifice short-term emotion, for long term stability? Are you willing to have a thirty-minute conversation where a three-minute burst of ego would do? The sacrifice is worthy, but seldom ever easy.


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