To Be Or Not


Honesty is a tough pill to swallow. Being honest towards others is often hard, but being honest with yourself is even more difficult.

How do we know when we are lying to ourselves? The desire to be correct is so strong in many of us, that admitting defeat takes effort. Admitting defeat isn’t fun, but what happens when you must?

This is a quandary that plagues addicts. First, they must accept that they have a problem, but they’re so comfortable with the existence of the problem, that they don’t believe that the problem exists. Each and every one of us can be stubborn or deluded in that same way. Fortunately, most of us will never be addicted to drugs.

Drugs, to be frank, are just a small portion of life’s problems that require honest self-evaluation in order to be solved. Finding the right life partner, for example, requires plenty of honesty. No one can tell another person exactly what that person needs in a life partner. Certainly, two people can discuss the things one may need out of a life partner, but the decision always falls to the person with questions. Aside from love, numerous other aspects of life like careers-goals, skill-building, and getting an education require a brutal form of honesty.

So how does one gain a deep, honest, read on themselves? At some point, do we all truly know who we are? Would many of us rather ignore these nagging questions?

At some point, whether you like it or not, life will force you to gaze within yourself and think. This could happen because of a mental breakdown, a huge transition in life, or even because of positive things like birthing children. Honesty and change are two powerful, and sometimes scary forces. Even the strongest people among us can become overwhelmed by their combined force.

Thankfully, no matter how you arrive at the truth about yourself, you will be free. For some, this might be an awful prize. For most individuals, it’s worth knowing who you are even if the realization happens mere moments before your brief existence gets interrupted. So, do you truly know yourself? How did you come to your conclusion?

Is not the journey worth even the tiniest reward?



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