Illustration by W.W. Denslow (d. 1915) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Cowardice often stems from fear, just as fear stems from cowardice. Which came first, though? Sort of a negative chicken-and-egg-type question, huh?

Whichever one you believe it to be, your answer is liable to change frequently. Especially if you’re the thinking type. After all, being fearful and being cowardly are such strong traits. Hence, they’re easy to manipulate.

It would be interesting to observe all walks of life, and see exactly how far cowardice extends. For example, how many people are holding on to their jobs simply out of fear of loss? How many people have done crazy, hypocritical things against their own morals, just to hold on to a paycheck? Think about it.

It could be that a loyal, middle-management type guy is where he is because he believes that hundreds of people are willing to replace him. One lie, perfectly crafted and catered towards manipulating that one person into holding onto his job out of fear. Hey, he’s doing well for himself, so maybe being manipulated isn’t such a bad thing. Alternatively, we don’t know what his personal life is like and what if that’s a mess?

Certainly, that scenario describes many people from many different crawls of life. So that must mean that doing things purely out of love is difficult for many. But it’s one thing finding a fearful cowardly person, it’s a whole different story when you try to call them out on it. Good luck with that.

Often, in many of life’s issues, and many of the happenings on television, you will see the cowardly fight and argue the cowardly. None of them feel as if they are being cowardly, or fearful. Yet they always seem to have strong voices. Cowardice and fear are such dangerous, and powerful weapons. However, there must be some positive benefit to those attributes, right?

With fear, there are some positive attributes, but only if the fear is in small amounts. Overwhelming fear is always a disaster. Cowardice is difficult to see, understand, and justify.

However negative cowardice can be, there must be a positive aspect to it, right? One can only hope.




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