Figuring out what you can contribute to the chaos of life is difficult. At least, figuring out what you feel you should contribute is difficult. After that; however, it seems that the journey is even more difficult.

Maybe it isn’t this way for everyone, but no matter what you want to do, the fact that you want to do it makes it more difficult. Is it psychology, or circumstance? Perhaps both?

When you meet and talk to many people, who occupy various parts of this chaotic life-machine, you start to muse about choice. So many people out there get where they are simply because it happened. A great example of that is musicians.

So many people magically become musicians because it was something they were doing anyway. They never intended to become musicians, it just sorta happened. Yet, so many people actively want to be musicians and fail horribly.

People, as they often do, investigate these happenings and sell self-help books around their observations. Some people describe a winner’s mentality versus a loser’s. Positive visualization and all its synonyms get thrown around too. Before you know it, your whole entire mentality is an “us” vs. “them” mentality. We’ve read the self-help bibles, and you haven’t.

People don’t always get a choice, no matter what the self-helper’s indoctrinations say. Positive thinking is important and does have value. Shutting out every other voice; well that’s just weak. Sure, being surrounded by negativity won’t help you, but neither will ignoring its existence.

Is the right attitude required to be ridiculously successful? Maybe, but there are just as many cynical successful people as there are optimistic successful people. How do you even define success anyway? Maybe that’s  what the journey is for.

Will the journey lead you to your personal El Dorado? Not always. It will make you stronger and much more interesting, though. You can count on that.


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