Someone once wrote that, at some point, you might find it best to accept the apology that you’re never going to get. A harsh but true statement.

You might have a hard time, you may have an easy time in this game called life. No one can really control that for you, and money doesn’t always determine happiness and sadness. Humans are flawed and your life, no matter who you are, will revolve around them. Bad parents, good parents,  great friends, terrible people, and wonderful people will always be constants in this world.

Suffering and enjoyment caused by people are quite paradoxical. On one hand, everyone would love to be surrounded by happiness forever. But then would life end up being a long, tiresome journey like the Truman Show? Maybe, maybe not.

Blaming others for everything, despite the fact that others are often responsible, is a road to ruin. Blaming yourself for everything is also a terrible strategy for rationalizing life. Perhaps it’s best to have balance. Some people aren’t worth the time and those are the exact people whose apologies will never come. For situations where you bear the burden of responsibility, you should accept that burden.

After all, would an apology really solve everything? Certainly, it can solve some issues. Apologies won’t make you happier, and may not always repair the damage we do to each other. But it’s important to accept the responsibility that you don’t need the apology to move on. Why let a little thing like that hold you back ?

Existence has much more in store for you than an apology, hopefully.  And even if it isn’t much more, it’s got to be something.



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