A Fond Look Back


As  someone who thinks often, and often thinks for a living, sometimes it’s easy to get lost. Often I wonder if it’s best not to get too hung up on memories, or how things used to be.

Sure, it’s great to look back and maybe improve yourself or gain understanding. However, there comes a point when doing so becomes unhealthy. The world is always changing and you just have to go with the flow sometimes. Nineties-esque rock music is never coming back guys…sorry.

Just joking. Who knows what the future has in store. Nineties rock music might come back in some form or another just like eighties music and style has. The point is, you can’t really live in the past and wait for things to get amazing again. For me, I often think about nineties music, and bands I love from that era and how on earth so many of them grew into massive arena bands. Thusly, music is my reference point.

Certainly, other people look back at many other entities that were better in a bygone era. Wrestling fans probably look back fondly on the days of Hulkamania just as animation fans look back on the early days of Nickelodeon. I’m sure there are Casanovas out there who look back  fondly on women they’ve romanced too.

Alas, as explained in Trainspotting, time is always moving. The future is now and “Ziggy Pop” (sic) is dead. He isn’t really, and his name is Iggy of course, but that Diane has a point. Sometimes it’s best to flush most of the past and keep all the good stuff deep in your heart. Memories are best cherished, and nothing more.


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