Learning (Why Can’t You Be Quicker)


Learning, unfortunately, takes time. Lots of time. Sometimes it would be great to be able to learn things more quickly. Then again, perhaps we should enjoy the journey more than the destination. Either or.

Sometimes I look around at my peers who are deeply invested in politics, or movements, or whatever and laugh. Not because they’re wrong, not because I disagree more often than not, but mostly because it always amuses me how often the things we believe in today may be the complete opposite of what we believe five years in the future.

Will the political movements of today be the exact same movements as tomorrow? Will they be different on the surface, and the same in spirit? Maybe, maybe not. I think  it’s more prudent to learn and recognize the possibility of those futures.

Hell, even if you do learn a truth, will you be the type of person who gets stuck in an infinite loop of subscribing to movements whether or not they are truthful? There is something to learn about yourself if you are that kind of person. Really, there is something to learn about yourself if you’re any type of person.

Sure, it would be nice to learn some things quicker, or earlier than we do. Like all the budgeting of adult life, or all of the handy house maintenance activities. This brings up a point about control. Do we control where we go, or is there some guiding force? Is it just dumb luck that we learn how to fix a tire right before we get a flat one ?

That is a question that, perhaps, I can answer when I’m much older. For now, it seems that some people can control the future, and some cannot. Maybe it only seems that way and truthfully, no one can control their future, and self-help books are a load of crap. Then again, you’d have to read self-help books to learn what’s in them, and to understand why so many people read them. They are well written after all.

But I guess that’s just life. You never really learn anything until you try.



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