An Expert At Being An Expert


For some reason, it’s always difficult to know whether or not someone is genuinely an expert. To make matters worse, the only people whose expertise gets vetted, are the same people whom we, as a society, love to ignore. Scientists, economists, presidents, etc.

However, when we meet someone who pushes the idea that they’re a social media guru or a social networking wizard, the vetting stops. Those people have this weird free pass that scientists or whomever else don’t have. Questions simply don’t go to them. And when they do, there aren’t any substantial answers.

What really makes an expert? If you are talented at something, and people think you are an expert, but through circumstance, that expertise isn’t worth your time because you need to make money and that expertise isn’t doing it, are you really an expert? Really, the question here  is, can someone be an expert without the credibility? Is credibility immediately attached to whether or not you’re making a living with your expertise?

This is a deep rabbit hole of skepticism and it’s got winds. Too many winds. Some professions require people to have credentials before they call themselves experts, and some don’t. It’s always going to be that way, and we should be glad that the former professions are the more important ones. What on earth does being an expert at social media entail anyway?

At first, when I wrote this, I thought I knew where I was going, or that I had enough of a point to sum it up. I don’t really. It’s just fascinating and frightening how easily people can manipulate the word expert. Then everything gets more difficult when you’re supposed to pick the  real experts from the wrong ones. At that point, you only have a personality to go by, and that’s literally just like dating.

Judging by all the dating sites, we’re not great at it. Oh, but don’t worry another expert, somewhere, will create another website, write a shitty book, or create a dumb list of rules. Then dating will be figured out and everything else will be too. Yup, that’ll be the day.



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