Twinkle Spark


Some people say that motivation is overrated. Or, to put their words more accurately, they often say that discipline is better than motivation. This I have to agree with because, well, we’re all human and motivation dies easily.

Human beings are ridiculously easy to demotivate. You can argue that all you want with all the mentality training in the world, but it’s just a fact. This fact is especially apparent when you seem to hit a skill ceiling or skill plateau. What do you do when some kid whose been practicing for half the time you have, who has lived half the life you have, decimates you at whatever you practiced your whole life for?

Better yet, what if that kid simply has a seemingly unbeatable edge? For example, what if he’s Jon-freakin-Jones and you can’t get inside of his reach. What if some oddball birth defect has made your rival more pliable and talented at gymnastics than you will ever be? Those moments of seemingly unfair competition are presented to us for that very reason; we often need a reminder that life isn’t fair.

Realistically, you will be demotivated in those moments. It’s nearly impossible not to be. However, the best solution, from this oddball blogger’s point of view, is to channel your motivation elsewhere. Great gymnasts, fighters and anyone else who is great at what they do, but limited by age, physiology, or ceilings can become a great coach, or set up a great school or gym.

And as fortune would have it, if you are open-minded, I think you can learn much more when you are older, wiser, and equipped with a deeper understanding of time. Some would disagree, simply because of articles they read, or simply because of their personal feelings on how the brain ages. Maybe you will have a more difficult time gaining new knowledge at an old age, but that doesn’t mean  that you aren’t more disciplined.

As stated before, there is a reason why coaches, teachers, and mentors are typically wise. They understand that discipline is stronger than motivation. You can become demotivated easily. Anyone can. But when you are disciplined, you simply wake up and do what your programming tells you to do; for better or worse.

One can only hope that your programming improves your life and that it isn’t being done by a cult. That’s ideal, I suppose.



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