Love And Stuff


Do you get to choose the person with whom you fall in love? I don’t think so, but hey, I could be just as wrong as everyone else.

Some could make a great argument that love, relationships, etc. all come down to biology. You meet someone, and either biology attracts both of you or it doesn’t. Smells, sights, and other strange senses clue you into your attraction.

If you go the “We’re all filthy animals trying to fulfill our needs.” route, then communication definitely plays a big part as well. After all, every animal has a mating ritual. Why would we be any different? This perception of love and relationships; however, opens up more questions.

After all, if there is a ritual to test for mates among humans, then wouldn’t that mean that you actually do get to choose who you fall in love with, at least to some extent? Well, if someone can communicate attractiveness effectively, they’ve got an advantage. They will definitely have a better chance of falling in love than someone who can’t.

Thusly, there is some form of choice involved with falling in love. Logically speaking, the more people you meet, the more likely you are to find your soul mate. Pretty much, those among us who are very outgoing have a higher chance to find their soulmates than those who aren’t.

After you take into account how outgoing someone is, and how talented they are at communicating attractiveness, then it’s  purely up to biology. At least, that’s what I think. When you meet the person of your dreams, shit just clicks. Just like finding that perfect pair of gloves, everything simply fits. No frills.

Nothing can really train you for that. Even expecting it to happen, in many ways, is futile. On the other hand, expecting that it will never happen is pessimistic.

Really, the secret might just be to know yourself. Prepare yourself, and improve yourself so that if you are willing for love to happen, then it will. After all, I don’t know about you, but finding the perfect pair of gloves is difficult as hell. It never stops me from believing that they’re out there, though.


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