I’m not the outdoor type. In fact, I love the Lemonheads song, though, I never lied about it. But enough about me, more about this post.

The great outdoors, whether you’re a fan or not, has the ability to bring many memories and emotions to the forefront of your thoughts. In that way, it’s similar to food or music. What makes the great outdoors different from those two, is that when you are truly in the thick of it, like if you go on a hike to the middle of nowhere overlooking some truly awe-inspiring shit, then the normal human reaction is to ponder the great unknown that is your future.

Hell, there’s a reason that so many inspirational quotes are stuck at the bottom of great images of nature. A great scene from an early Martin Scorcese movie, Who’s That Knocking at My Door, has a scene where two central characters are hiking. One is bitching about the hike, meanwhile, the main character does what we all do and what every image of nature depicts humans doing when the hike is complete. He looks out into the great unknown and stares it down with great excitement, plenty of hope, and the urge for something more.

Everyone has moments where they desire more from life. Nature and hiking are great tools to make us ponder on what that something more could possibly be. Nature and hiking, much like a Bruce Springsteen song, are strong motivators at wanting to “get out” whatever that means to you. Alternatively, if you enjoy exactly where you are in life, nature will probably humble you.

Both of those outcomes make a hike worthwhile, I guess. We all could use some humility sometimes, and pondering is a necessity as well. Just, you know, watch out for bears.



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