Wedding Week


This week, I will be going to a wedding in San Diego. As far as existence goes, marriage is an interesting phenomenon.

You can easily find proof that, as “primitive” creatures, us humans probably didn’t get married at all. Considering that verbal communication, governments, and other necessary parts of a modern civilization are younger than humans, marriage is also probably a relatively modern concept. So  were our ancient ancestors completely driven toward survival? You know, eat, sleep, procreate, repeat. Yet, another one of life’s great questions.

Whatever you believe, and whichever  of the millions of philosophies you subscribe to, you undoubtedly have an opinion on marriage. Some hate it or see it as frivolous, yet,  other people love the idea of marriage and can’t wait to get married. And in the grey area between both extremes, lies a large swath of people who have no idea how to feel, or are simply going with the flow.

Really, I have no idea and no real expectation of marriage. I’m in that grey area. It works for some people and fails for others. And surprisingly, that’s where my thoughts on the subject end.

Welp, maybe something more interesting will pop out of my brain next week. For now, it’s time to enjoy some seventy-degree weather, food, and a bunch of other stuff.

Au revoir New Jersey.



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