[ Hmm. Well, something happened with my automatic post last week. Either I duplicated an entire paragraph, or the automatic post added it, itself. For what probably was an hour, I sort of freaked out, but when you’re vacationing in San Diego for a week, it’s difficult to care about problems. ]



Credit: Nicolas Raymond


And with that, this blog continues.

After being in San Diego for a wedding, daring is a great prompt. Yeah, San Diego and most of California is relaxing and laid back, but marriage seems quite daring. You never quite think of it that way until it happens to a couple of close friends, and you are somehow involved in the proceedings.

Many weddings you attend are weddings where you’ll be relatively detached from the stress, the events, and the couple. When someone close to you gets married, and you’re part of the wedding party, you really have a window into the whole shebang. The commitment to sharing your entire life with another person is exhilarating…and terrifying.

All the flaws, quirks, bumps, and bruises will be magnified. Additionally, all of your strengths will be leaned on more often than you may like. Seems like a hell of an endeavor to want that from life, yet, it happens all the time for better or worse.

You can say that jumping out of a plane is daring, or climbing Everest is daring, because, well, both of them are. Choosing to live a life where you rely on someone else, weaknesses and all, is its own kind of daring. You don’t really think about that until you’re close to the chaos of being married.

Existence relying on another living, breathing, often random soul. Both are equally liberating and daring, I say. So kudos to those who are married, and have stayed married. And for those of whose marriages aren’t so strong, try not to worry so much. You only have one life, after all.



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