Learning From Others

Life is starting to get busy for me. That’s a good thing, though. As I live my life, get settled into a new job, and continually enjoy more momentous moments in my friends’ lives, it makes me reflect on the odd things I’ve learned about myself through observing some of my friends.

Maybe it’s presumptuous to say, but I think many people figure out their character-defining weakness at some point in their early twenties. After that moment, you have to decide whether to change it, ignore it, or somehow turn it into a strength. Subconsciously, it’s human nature to ignore it or place its burden upon something else.Thinking back on more youthful days has led me to that conclusion.

People sometimes have a hard time looking back, but sometimes you have to look back to move forward. Perhaps those people often have a point. It never helps to be too fixated on the past. but you shouldn’t be afraid of it either.

What you could do, is think back to your relationships, friends, and even to events that defined your youth. If you analyze them, you could very well end up a stronger person tomorrow. Sure it might take some time, but doesn’t everyone have some time to do some thinking?

Isn’t everyone a daydreamer?


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