Is life a series of strange coincidences, or is that just a pretty quote? Perhaps it’s arrogant to say, but most of us would love to have a little bit more control on this beast called life. Realistically, life either has an eerie ability to work out or an eerie ability to do the exact opposite.

Don’t get me wrong, we have some control. You can definitely discipline yourself to stay motivated or even stay positive. On the other hand, life and its problems are not always as easy as that.

Willpower runs out eventually. That’s a fact. A good counter to that is to somehow make the difficult things much easier so you can end up spending less willpower on them. However, there is a gigantic part of life  where you have little control on forming your habits or thoughts.

Not trying to be cynical here, but let’s face it, the eerie part of your life that seems to be controlling you is difficult to get ahold of. This is why cults, self-help, religion, and a plethora of other services capture our imagination. Maybe it’s bold  to try and figure out what that unknown entity is. Alternatively, some might say that wondering about the unknown is a worthless endeavor.

Maybe that strange unknown entity is guiding your life down a terrible path. Could be that you’re using the eerie atmospheric, unknown, invisible guiding light as a scapegoat for your irresponsibility. Hopefully, that invisible hand of guidance is pushing you forward, making you stronger, and at some point gives you a decent life. That last thing might be the best we can hope for sometimes.

via Daily Prompt: Eerie


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