Connecting: Love Etc.


Recently, a friend of mine defined dating in one succinct quote. “When I’m taken, I often rather be single, and when I’m single, I often wish I was taken.” For moments after his great line, both of us were laughing hysterically in the corner of a local Barnes and Noble.

In the moment, perhaps for both of us, we defined part of the existential difficulty of dating. Somewhere the grass is greener, but is it really that much greener? Of course, there is context to our conversation, and although it’s important, it shall forever remain a mystery on this blog. (Use your imagination.)

Love and dating, as long as us humans are being honest, is something we focus plenty of our time on. Some say too much, some say too little. Strangely, through technology and the ever-evolving world, dating in the U.S. has nearly turned itself into a job hunt. Is tinder, or any dating app much different than a recruitment agency, or the endless pages of postings on a job board? And yet, the traditional methods of getting a date are still around, and mostly just standard parts of life.

Unfortunately, relationships are not typically fast-paced, and moving through people to find what you want can’t possibly work for everyone. Hell,  many people have no idea what they want out of their careers or their love life. Yet, there are always way too many avenues, advisors, and anecdotes to follow. How many ways can you hedge your bets till you spread yourself too thin?

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, but most of us are fishermen with tiny boats. Perhaps it’s time to get a bigger boat, or maybe try fishing for fishermen instead of fish. A little change for the new year never hurt anyone, right?



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