Perspective In Songs


Have you ever put on an album, song, or playlist from your younger days? You know, one of those pieces of music that you haven’t heard in almost a decade? Like a photograph, it’s completely unchanged, and yet, it feels completely different than you remember.

Perspective is a hell of a thing. Early this morning, on my commute to work, I had one such album in my car. Every riff, word, thought, and feeling I attached to this particular album flooded my mind. Somewhere along the way, I ended up thinking about the lyrics. In that moment, new thoughts, feelings, and emotions overtook the old ones. “Shit, I’m getting old.” I thought.

Just joking. What changed was my perception. Perhaps because The Cribs had written a brilliant album in Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever, the songs instead of seeming nostalgic, seem timeless to me. Timeless art is difficult to make. Hell, it’s not even easy to get to a place in your individual growth where you believe in the timelessness of art.

Given the U.S. election results, I suppose it’s relevant to talk about perspective. The question to ask now, is how can one thing look so different to so many people? Maybe that is something worth mulling over, especially considering how people feel at this moment.

Some may say it’s sad, but I choose to find it funny when a song you simply found entertaining, now feels like a warm, empathy- blanket for a mundane car ride.

Perspective is everything, but also nothing; all at once. What a hell of a thing.



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