Our Perception of Heartbreak


Holiday time often means that you get the opportunity to bond with loved ones who aren’t close by. Sometimes this is a blessing. Other times, well, not so much. Thankfully, the inspiration for this post is definitely the former.

Hopefully, at some point, everyone has an opinion on failing at love. During dinner with a bunch of my friends, we discussed some of our thoughts and outlooks on heartbreak. Naturally, our opinions on love and our outlooks on the blasted thing emerged. Understandably, the consensus isn’t a unanimous, “Love is great, can’t wait to do it again.”

Some people get jaded, some people gain faith, others simply love the journey. Whatever your stance is on the thorny business of love, I think everyone can agree that everyone should take the risk at least once. You might get your heart broken, you might wind up married to your soulmate. Besides, life is too damn short

Even when the worst things happen, you will gain perspective. Perhaps in that way, having your heart broken is a strange, painful, and altogether lovely gift. Certainly, you will never see it that way if the wounds are fresh. But that’s fine. After all, no one is Batman, and even negative expressions are healthy every once in a while.

Time to go out there and get your heartbroken! Just kidding, but never be afraid to try.


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