Existence Of Goals


Setting goals and goal-theory are fascinating concepts. For about as long as literature was able to reach the masses, someone has been writing about ways to achieve goals. Additionally, before writing was a form of communication available to the masses, people have always tried to learn ways to better achieve goals, and rewire their brains. So what really works?

Whatever works, is whatever works for you, I guess. Doesn’t that sentence sound vague as shit? That’s because it is, but it’s also somewhat true. Some people are better at using willpower, some are better at tricking themselves to conserve on willpower, and some people have huge mental health deficiencies to work around. There are no stone tablets that will further your ability to achieve your goals.

Simply starting the work is the best thing to do. With that in mind, I feel most individuals should contemplate whether or not having new years resolutions is even a good idea. Some will simply have them to have them, some will use them as an effective measure to plan far ahead, and others will start then stop. Which one are you?

With the existence of goals comes a great quandary. Does the mere creation of your goals reinforce your brains idea that you are trying? Does it inspire you towards achievement? Are you overloading yourself, or perhaps over-ambitious?

None of those are easy questions to answer, but they are essential. After all,  honesty with oneself is the first step towards any form of achievement. Of all steps towards achieving goals, that is one of few that I know to be nearly absolute. Be honest with yourself, try, and have a great 2017!


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