Growing Pains


It’s been a while blog.

Not exactly sure what to write here anymore, but now feels like a good time to revisit this blog. Life is moving at a strange speed that only the late 20’s/soon-to-be-30’s can. Most people are settled in the location that they will live in for the rest of their lives. Some are married, some are not, some are in love with their career and many are not. At this age, it seems everyone is simply getting used to the routine of daily life.

This, usually, would give us the perception that time is moving quite slow. After all, everyone’s daily routine eventually epitomizes the word “routine.” Conversely, “slow” seems incorrect in describing the nature of people in their late 20’s/early 30’s  and their ever present and consistently strong desire for stuff. Better relationships, cars, houses, money, etc. whatever it is, people always tend to want better or more.

Now, there is typically nothing wrong with wanting a better job, relationship, house etc. But, when you reach the dreaded age of thirty, it seems that people collectively start to believe that time is over. Dating becomes a weird game of people making snap judgment calls on whether or not the person sitting across the dinner table is worthy of marriage. Many perceive you to be in the same career that you will be in forever. Also, your circle of friends seems as big as it’s going to get.

Yes, that is a weird torrent of thoughts. To put it simply, it seems that the late 20’s is full of anxiousness for everyone. Anxious daters, workers, and soon to be homeowners are all clumped together in a weird blob of anxiousness. All of the frantic problems of fading youth marry well with anxiety.

People reading news articles for answers to western maladies of guilt and shame, women thinking, “If I don’t’ find Mr. Right by 35 life is over” men feeling inadequate in their careers despite living comfortably. No matter where I  go, or whomever I run into, it seems everyone is running at the same speed in twenty different directions on three or four different subjects; all at once.

Part of me hears an older guy, off in the distance, saying, “You kids need to slow down.” and I agree. But another part of me thinks, “Why? We have no time.”


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