True Loneliness


Being alone, at least from this writer’s perspective, is tantamount to bliss. There are probably a shit ton of writers who feel that way. Masochism is always fun when it involves words. Joking.

Though there are some people with a predilection towards enjoying loneliness, I think there is something different about true loneliness. When you’re reading a book in a quiet room, and you know nothing in the world will pull you away from that book, that is heavenly. When you are suddenly unemployed, and it becomes a part of how people perceive you, that is true loneliness.

Sure, people can empathize with those people, and tell them, “Hey bro, I know how you feel.” till they are blue in the face. But if there are any words more hollow than, “Hey, I know how you feel” when you are unemployed, I do not know them. For some reason, when you are the person in the situation that everyone has been in, you get a true feeling of loneliness.

Even just the slightest difference in how we emotionally receive an experience can make us perceive it as wholly different from someone else’s similar experience. And, for some reason that is probably related, empathy is a tricky beast. How can one know they are being empathetic rather than being patronizing? Is giving advice even empathetic at all, or are we not living in a world where millions of after-school specials are simultaneously taking place throughout the globe, except not in television screens, but rather in real life?

Okay, so that last sentence is somewhat sarcastic. Everyone, at some point, experiences true loneliness. The more interesting question, which is the more pertinent one to this rambling, is how many people get to experience true empathy? In this weird game of life, dominated by western civilization, I think the answer may be small. C’est la vie, I suppose.




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