The “E” Word


Over the last decade or so, “entitlement” has become a popular political buzzword. As long as you have a pulse, no one has to tell you which parties are using that word. Entitlement and certain people’s perception of people with entitlement issues have become gasoline for socio-political argument-fires. Exactly what we need; another topic you can’t discuss at dinner parties.

Aside from the fact that most people don’t use the phrase “dinner parties” anymore, the perception of entitlement is strange. On one hand, people against entitlement think that you shouldn’t feel entitled to jobs or feelings of superiority because of your degrees, education etc. Except, those same people would argue like many other’s do, that your degree should have something to do with the jobs you hold because a degree or formal form of education denotes that you trained for something. Paradox much?

Sure, the people against entitlement have a point. There are some unsavory people out there who use their degree to look down on others. Also, some people are definitely underqualified for the jobs that they want, even with degrees. Furthermore, there are some degrees out there that have no credibility.

Where the opponents of supposed entitlement mentality are incorrect, is in their assumption that being demanding is a sin. Unfortunately, we live in a time where the job market requires that you must be demanding to some extent. If you have an education, you have to push and stand out so that you can use your education. Figuring out the job market and intrinsic desire for a great quality of life both require some entitlement.

After all, do you think the pundit who derides entitlement doesn’t have any? Really? Some millionaire, on television, on the most popular network, who fought to be there, definitely has some entitlement. Somewhere, deep down, that pundit along with the others believe that they deserve their success.

Is that not entitlement? Funny how the hand that points always has three more fingers pointing back than forward.



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