Happiness For All


Perhaps the following word spaghetti is the result of reading too many existentialist novels or just a product of nurture. Hell, it could be both. Whatever it is, I can’t help but feel like our idea of happiness as a civilization, and culture is flawed.

Often, you will watch celebrities on television, and read books, websites, etcetera, where people push the idea of striving for happiness. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be happy, but the length people will go to in order to convince themselves of their own happiness is strange. Everyone can’t be happy. Even consistently happy people aren’t happy all the time. So then, what should all the other people who dabble in other emotions strive for?

That’s up to them. Some people seem sad all the time. Society dictates that something is wrong with people who are sad most of the time. Is there? Isn’t it weirder that society demands that people should be happy all the time? No one is ever-smiling in real life. Except for people on television.

Striving for contentment is a great alternative to happiness. But with something so subjective, (What does contentment mean to you? ) there are plenty of traps and questions to ask. How do you know when you are content, and when are you fooling yourself into feeling contented? What are your own parameters for contentment?

Those list of questions can go on forever. Unfortunately, while you can get help on gaining contentment, you can only ever know for yourself what it means to be fulfilled. Life’s greatest quality and its greatest flaw is that all the necessary questions must be answered by the self.



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